Proof of Process is a protocol that allows participants to trust a common process by decoupling the proof of data from the actual source data in a way that yields a single proof that represents all steps of the process.

A process is any sequence of steps in time. Whenever there is a movement of information, ideas, conversations, goods or products, there is a process.

Traditionally, when institutions want to share their set of processes with one other, they must create common bridges to share their data. Those bridges usually consist of APIs, firewalls, and access management systems.

More and more organizations and individuals rely on these aging bridges every day to handle data that governs the processes in both their personal lives and business operations.

In this paper we provide a novel solution for sharing processes by introducing a protocol for verifying the key factual elements of every step in a process, enabling a solution through which trust can be easily packaged, shared and demonstrated in a way that enables traceability, compliance, privacy, and accountability.